Bicycle Route 66 Map Set

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Chicago, IL - Santa Monica, CA (2,517.6 miles)
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Adventure Cycling Association
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Ride this iconic route, often called, “The Main Street of America,” made famous in popular songs, literature, television and movies. ‘Route 66,’ became a reality as a highway in 1926 connecting Chicago and Los Angeles. Many buildings, signage, and businesses can still be seen along this route.

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Route 66 - March 2023


Reviewed By: Peggy Condon on 10/14/22

The information is so very helpful. The maps themselves are too tiny.

awesome. great information and fun to look at.


Reviewed By: Kevin Mahoney on 9/18/21

I love maps -- real maps, not on a screen. Don't know why, but they make me happy. I have really enjoyed the experience of reading these maps and it's super handy to have the segments broken into chunks to display only the current mission!

Bicycle Route 66 Map Set


Reviewed By: Wayne W on 12/25/19

Overall...a map set I consider essential when taking the Route 66 tour. Very useful information. Spot on. One niggling point: I have tired old eyes and the text is too small, especially when two maps are crammed into one frame on the map sheet. Even with bifocals, I have to use a maginfying glass in order to read the text....not easy when trying to get from point a to point b.

Nice information


Reviewed By: Nuno Gonçalves on 12/31/17

Rode westward fall 2017 and the maps were great help. They have some background information about the route and have helpful tips. But sometimes I think the maps could widen their scope instead of focusing almost solely on the route.

Rt 66 run


Reviewed By: Dan Delaney on 12/6/17

Purchased the rt 66 maps planing on riding from west to east next March an have been reading the maps an they are excellant an would be a rough ride without them. Thankyou

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