Eastern Express Connector (Digital Only)

The Eastern Express Connector is digital-only route that connects the TransAmerica Trail in the west to the Chicago to New York City Bicycle Route in the east. Designed to be a quicker (and easier) coast-to-coast experience for the time-constrained cyclist, this route avoids some of the most strenuous climbing in the southern Rockies, Ozarks, and Appalachian Mountains.

Route description

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Eastern Express Connector Map Set GPX Data
Walden, CO - Indianapolis, IN (1,337.4 miles)
Eastern Express Connector Section 1 GPX Data
Walden, CO - Atchison, KS (700.1 miles)
Eastern Express Connector Section 2 GPX Data
Atchison, KS - Indianapolis, IN (637.3 miles)

Showing 1-3 (of 3)