Bike Overnights

Expanding the joy of bicycle travel!

We provide mini-grants and stipends to groups and individuals who inspire and empower BIPOC, LGBTQA+, women, transgender, intersex, gender nonconforming riders, and riders with disabilities to experience a Bike Overnight in their own backyard. We fund beginner-friendly, accessible and inclusive projects.

Currently our funding cycle is closed as we've received an incredible amount of proposals and awarded projects! We hope to open up another cycle later on in 2023. Questions? Email


Check out our guide on Planning and Leading a Bike Overnight for tips on gear and other resources for your trip.


What is Bike Overnights?

Bike Overnights empowers, inspires, and connects emerging riders to the transformational power of bike travel. Adventure Cycling partners with local BIPOC, LGTBQ, women, intersex, genderqueer and cyclists with disabilities leaders and groups across the US. With resources, technical assistance, gear, and shared expertise, we're able to collaborate and make sure beginner riders enjoy a Bike Overnight in their own backyard.

Remember! We consider a Bike Overnight to be a beginner friendly trip of NO MORE than three nights, and NO MORE than 60 miles a day. Is it kid friendly? Could someone go without a lot of gear? Is it transit accessible? We are looking for accessible and inclusive projects. 

What if the project or trip I want to embark on is larger than that? Can we do backcountry or advanced trips? 

We can't fund projects like that, unfortunately. But! There are other funding opportunities for more advanced travelers through some amazing partners and we encourage you to seek those out if you are looking to do more involved bike travel (RAR Scholarship, Bikepacking Roots, and many others!)

What is the difference between a stipend and a minigrant?

A stipend is for an individual ride or project leader, and the stipend total can be no more than $500 in a calendar year. So if you'd like to apply for $250, say, to host a bag making workshop for BIPOC-FTW folks, you COULD apply later on in the year (although the funding may not be available.) You are also welcome to apply for the entire $500, depending on your project. You do not need to be a part of an organization or have a fiscal sponsor to be considered for these funds. 

A minigrant is funding available for a more involved project, generally for groups and nonprofits interested in beginner bike travel. You will be required to provide 501© status or a fiscal sponsor to receive these funds. Projects mini-grants have funded in the first year of the program included youth bike trips centering BIPOC kids and adolescents, bike travel programming events, and weekend long camps focusing on bike travel for FTW-NB community members. 

How much can I apply for? 

NYou can apply for up to $500 as an individual for a stipend in a calendar year. 

We generally cannot provide more than $3000 for a minigrant for a group, but may consider if we can work to make that happen. 

I'm part of a group and an individual ride leader. Can I apply for both?

Sure! We've had some great Bike Travel Weekend rides involving families and have resources for you to learn more about that. We'd love to hear more about your experiences engaging in bike travel as a family as well and share lessons you've learned with other parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and people who love bikes and want to share that with kiddos!

What can we use funding for?

We hope to fund projects that inspire, empower, and connect emerging riders from historically marginalized communities to bike travel! That means we want to make sure we can help beginners enjoy a Bike Overnight. Funds can be used for supplies, food, lodging, fees, Support-and-Gear vehicle gas, compensation for leading rides, and generally a lot of other options. Submit us a simple budget so we can see what resources you need. It helps us figure out how to get more help out there in the future!

Can funds be used for entrance to a gravel race/mountain bike weekend/outdoor festival/workshops focused on competitive events/race or reg fees?

No, our funds cannot cover those types of needs. 

What do some of your projects look like?

Check out Bikes not Bombs or Ghisallo Cycling Intiative or Oak City Cycling or Bikes Hikes and Everything Nice - we can't wait to see what adventures are to come! 

I'm not from a historically marginalized community but I have an idea for a Bike Overnight. Can I apply?

Generally, no, unless you are specifically working with BIPOC/LGBTQ/TWIG/Cyclist with Disabilities communities and your project or Overnight centers them. We do hope you head outside for some accessible adventures though! 

Will every plan receive funding?

We cannot guarantee every project will receive funding. Projects that contribute to equity via geographic diversity, have a robust impact, and most importantly align with the Bike Overnights stipulations laid out here and on the grant proposal are more likely to be considered. Funds are finite at this moment, but if your project is not chosen in January, we hope to find more funds to disburse later in 2023 and will open up a second round and your project will be considered. 

What if I don't know what I want to do until later in the year?

If we have funds remaining, we will definitely open up a new cycle. We also may find more resources later on in 2023, but to ensure we are set on projects for our fiscal year, we will be deciding the majority of funded proposals by January 31st, 2023. 

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