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Since mapping our first route in 1976, the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail, the Adventure Cycling Route Network has blossomed to include the most scenic and historically significant bicycling routes in North America. With so many routes to explore, you're bound to find your next great adventure.
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Set off into the country and experience the smells, vistas, and people that make up diverse America.
“Four years of flying in Alaska was extremely fulfilling as well as challenging, but I was definitely burnt out, so that is what led me to the trails of the Great Divide. There are many miles still ahead of me as I ride south, but I’m already viewing this ride as my favorite with respect to all the other touring I have done.”
—John Myers, airline pilot
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“I’ve gone through eight jars of peanut butter, I’ve fallen seven times (and hurt nothing but my ego), I haven’t had a flat tire in 3,000 miles (but I bet I’ll get one tomorrow!), and this trip has reinstated my faith in humanity — people are awesome!”
—Anna Yip, environmental science student
Realize Your Potential
Find personal growth through the challenge and mindfulness of self-propelled travel.
“Even when my butt hurts and my legs burn, it seems that the wheels sing. I get out of my thoughts and into a zone that is the unwinding story of my life. I am riding into the reasons why, and I find a way of being I didn’t know I was looking for. I am met with generosity, kindness, and curiosity, even by those I would otherwise never talk to, or more importantly, listen to.”
—Erec Toso, teacher
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The history of Adventure Cycling and the route that started it all.