Atlantic Coast Section 6

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Okatie, SC - St. Augustine, FL (262.1 miles)
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May 2021

This section begins in Okatie, South Carolina, a suburban community located west of Hilton Head Island. The route goes through Savannah, Georgia, which has one of the largest national historic landmark districts in the U.S. Expect more traffic and urban riding conditions while skirting Jacksonville, Florida, and the string of beach communities to the south. The route ends in historic St. Augustine, FL. Click on enlargement for detail.

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An excellent tour


Reviewed By: Andy Maddix on 10/9/12

I just did a 2 1/2 week bicycle tour up the Atlantic coast from Fernandina Beach, FL to Baltimore, MD using only the maps I got off the adventure cycling site. They were ideal every step of the way. They told me all the useful information I needed to know and payed very close attention to detail. It was a beautiful trip along all these country back roads, and after trying just a stretch of it I learned that route 1 or 17 would've been rather precarious and unenjoyable, not to mention a little dangerous. Though at times it seemed like I was headed a long way out of the way, I found these alternate routes to be showing me some hidden gems I would have never known existed otherwise. I would highly recommend this map to anyone touring their way up the coastline.

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