Atlantic Coast Section 4

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Richmond, VA - Wilmington, NC (379.1 miles)
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August 2020

The route uses the Virginia Capital Trail from Richmond to Jamestown, where you'll cross the James River on a ferry. The remainder of the route in Virginia follows predominantly rural roads. These roads wander through tobacco and peanut fields over rolling countryside. The route becomes more level in North Carolina. The beach access roads north of Wilmington will be busier during tourist season and on weekends. The Outer Banks Alternate is 73.5 miles longer than the main route. Wind is an important riding factor on the exposed Outer Banks. The inland route is more sheltered, and should be used during stormy weather. Click on enlargement for detail.

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AC Maps are a must for trip planning


Reviewed By: Donna Hetrick on 1/7/23

I have used AC maps for other parts of the country, always with total satisfaction. I am planning a trip for this spring that will start in Richmond using the Capital trail. Even with access to google maps and multiple digital resources, I find I must have AC maps to help me find camping, decide which roads I feel comfortable on and to accurately determine how far I want to go per day. Plus, I want to have paper maps for those times when cell phone signals are unavailable. I am going to buy a second set for my traveling companion.



Reviewed By: BOB CLARKE on 9/27/13

I biked WDC to Key West this summer and found these maps to be excellent. The routes selected were quiet and very safe. I deviated a bit from the AC route and followed the GreenWay because I wanted to visit Myrtle Beach and stay close to the Ocean -- those roads were generally more heavily trafficked. Plus, the AC maps had tons of key information about motels, bike shops etc.

Excellent map


Reviewed By: Gary Miller on 5/4/12

I've purchased two adventure cycling maps and they are very thorough in their information. Not all routes are perfect in that they arent always off road. But this isnt any fault of the cartographers. To their benefit the makers do everything to chart the roads less traveled. When busy roads are the only choice to travel upon the maps make mention of this. I find these maps not only make route finding easy but they also furnish tons of info for rest stops, campsites, alternative routes that provide scenic views, food stores, inns and other info. The maps are well worth the money and are a cyclists dream.

Good way to do a loop ride


Reviewed By: A customer from West Virginia USA on 11/4/11

We purchased Atlantic Coast Section 4 and used it to start at Jacksonville, NC and do a clockwise loop north up the mainland and then south on the Outer Banks returning to Jacksonville. The maps were accurate although several campsites and lodgings were closed or demolished by Hurrican Irene (2 months previous to the tour). We did deviate from the route in some instances.

Map Review


Reviewed By: A customer from Cleveland, OH USA on 2/3/11

I received the map and loved it! I am planning my route for a 1000 mile solo ride in the summer/fall 2011. This map, an the others that I purchased will help me determine the safest and best route available. Thank you!

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