Atlantic Coast Section 2

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Windsor Locks, CT - Conshohocken, PA (302.4 miles)
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April 2023

Western Connecticut is rural and hilly. Entering New York, roads are generally good and signing is adequate. Expect a moderate amount of traffic which increases as you approach towns. Hills continue until reaching Poughkeepsie on the Hudson River. The route uses portions of several rail trails, follows river valleys and crosses the Shawnagunk Mountains to Port Jervis at New York/New Jersey border. You'll begin to parallel the Delaware River. Roads north and south of Delaware Water Gap through the Delaware River Valley are narrow and poorly paved. You'll cross the Delaware River for the final time in Lambertville, New Jersey. The route continues west from Lambertville into Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. The New York Spur traverses rural countryside, then traffic increases until it reaches Summit, in the suburbs of eastern New Jersey. The NJ Transit rail service can be used to reach Penn Station in Manhattan. Click on enlargement for detail.

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Atlantic Coast Sect. 1&2


Reviewed By: A customer from Cinnaminson, NJ on 10/10/12

These maps are excellent for their directions. A few of the insert maps were a little confusing due to the scale of the maps,which I understand the difficulty to make every detail as clear as possible. The only advice I have to offer are the lodging listings, which due to the economy many places are no longer in business. I advise calling ahead to verify the status. Also the food locations are suspect for the same reasons. Over all the routes were great and try to keep you on the most scenic roads. I will diffinetly continue to use these maps in the future.

Atlantic Coast Sections 1 & 2


Reviewed By: Michael Kleinrock on 9/7/11

I rode from Norristown, PA to Sanford, ME in late July. I used the ACA section 1 & 2 maps, but mostly as a backup. I diverted from the route for a more direct route in New Jersey and Connecticutt. I had an absolute blast on the tour. The maps are good, though I really wanted elevations indicated, and the entire NY section appeared to be following a winery route, which is hard to handle when biking. Too many motivational distractions. Thanks for a great organization and much appreciated. I'd recommend these maps to anyone considering a tour, even if they, like me, don't use the exact roads. That's all the more fun.

Beautiful hidden roads along the Delaware


Reviewed By: Jonathan S. on 8/23/10

Rode along the Delaware from Philadelphia to Port Jervis, NY. Gorgeous little roads along the river. Very happy with the maps and I plan to use them again in the future. As a frequent train rider, my only note is that if you intend to go to NYC and you plan to be anywhere north of Port Jervis, there are more convenient stations than biking all the way to Summit, NJ.

One of my favorites


Reviewed By: Andrew Latham on 6/3/10

I rode basically this whole route, from Lambertville NJ to Windsor Lockes. There were several stretches I loved--the canal path along the Delaware river and the rail-trail in NY. The prettiest has to be Delaware Water Gap national park, but be forewarned there are virtually no services within the 30 miles or so of park, so bring in lots of food and drink with you.

Guess I wanted more


Reviewed By: A customer from Philadelphia, PA on 3/31/10

Honestly, as a map, it's ok. I guess I expected more with the map. Given some time and trolling on message boards I could have come up with the route. Where's the useful information that's so heavily advertised. If sparse information on out of the way camping is all the map offers, I'm a little let down.

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