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Adventure Cycling's mission is to inspire, empower, and connect people to travel by bicycle. We are the largest non-profit cycling organization in North America with over 50,000 members.

Your membership supports all our work - mapping and updating the 52,066 miles of the Adventure Cycling Route Network, lobbying government agencies to put safe shoulder and rumble strip policies in place, working with Amtrak and airlines to improve access for bike travelers, advocating for no-turn-away policies for bike travelers at state and national parks, and introducing bike travel to a new generation of riders.

Check out the variety of member rates, and the 10 Reasons to be a Member below:

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REASON 1: A subscription to Adventure Cyclist Magazine

Adventure Cyclist Magazine

Adventure Cyclist is the only magazine dedicated to bicycle travel in all its forms. When you join, you’ll get a subscription chock-full of bicycle-touring tips and inspiring places to ride delivered to your door each year.

You’ll also gain access to the digital version of Adventure Cyclist and online-only content. The Cyclists’ Travel Guide, published in April, contains lots of how-to information for all levels of bicycle travelers.


“Your magazine is aimed at the touring cyclist, not the racing scene. You write about the bikes that interest me and the equipment and locations I want to use and visit. I love reading your magazine. I wish it were twice as long. I finish reading it in two days and have to wait 28 more for the next issue! Keep up the good work.”
- Adventure Cycling member R.M. Barrington, IL

REASON 2: 30% Off on Bike Route Maps

You’ll Love Our Maps!

Members receive 25%- 30% off the 52,066 miles of Adventure Cycling print map bicycle routes. With turn-by-turn instructions, we have a lifetime of places to ride just for you! Plus members receive free ground shipping on all orders sent to US addresses on orders over $100.

The Adventure Cycling Route Network features rural and low-traffic bicycling routes through some of the most scenic and historically significant terrain in North America. 


“My wife, our 13-month-old son, and I have just completed a cycling journey on the West Coast going from Vancouver, BC, to the Friendship Park on the Mexican border. We wanted to thank you guys for such a thorough and honest approach in creating this map and putting all the pieces together. Without your maps, we would face much more stress and be put at more risk. We wouldn't have enjoyed the trip as much as we did, especially having a baby in the trailer at all times, without your dedication.”
- Adventure Cycling member M.T. Brooklyn, NY

REASON 3: Support the United States Bicycle Route System

Better Riding Conditions for All Cyclists

The U.S. Bicycle Route System (USBRS) will give you the ability to ride an officially numbered and signed bicycle route from your backyard to anywhere in the United States.  

To date, over 14,000 miles of U.S. Bicycle Routes have been officially designated in 27 states. When complete, the USBRS will consist of more than 50,000 miles of routes and open up amazing new opportunities for cross-country travel, regional bicycle touring, and commuting by bicycle.


“I really like the idea of the U.S. Bike Route System and the way you collaborate with other groups.”
- Adventure Cycling member K.M. Bowie, MD

REASON 4: Access to Trip Planning Resources!

Tools to Inspire and Empower

Adventure Cycling members support an array of print and web resources for the traveling cyclist. You’ll find the inspiration and tools you need to get out on the road:

  • Bike Bits — twice-monthly cycling E-newsletter
  • Forums — connect with other cyclists, ask questions, or contribute to the knowledge base
  • Portrait Gallery — sampling of the hundreds of photos of traveling cyclists who have stopped by our headquarters along with the story of their journey
  • Ride Registry — register your bike rides or peruse others for ideas on your next trip
  • Blog — regular blog posts on a variety of topics keep you in the know on all things bicycle travel
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — connect with us and join the conversation
  • How-To Department — chock-full of tips on traveling by bicycle
  • Publications Archive — articles from Adventure Cyclist magazine covering the past 30 years
  • — don’t wait to go cross country, go overnight
  • — a place to share and discover bicycle blogs from all over the web


“I haven't seen any other website with the same types of resources all in one place. It's a wealth of information, which has made me want to be part of it. I think you've done a great job putting it all together from the tour information to the national routes, the bike touring gear, and, of course, great information on what to do, where, and how to do it. You all do a great job. I hope you can continue to get even better. I'm looking for more places to go where my cell phone doesn't work.”
- Adventure Cycling member J.M. Severna Park, MD

REASON 5: Bike Travel Adventures!

Bike Touring Adventures for All

We have tours and cycling events to match your dreams: 

Adventure Cycling has been putting trips together for years. Not just bike tours, but epic experiences. Sunrise near a covered bridge in Vermont’s Green Mountains. Laughing around a campfire in Big Sky country. Conquering the biggest, toughest hill in your cycling career. Seeing new places with cyclists who share your love of the pure joy of riding a bike. 


??I enjoyed everything. The mileage and terrain was perfect for me, definitely challenging, but I'd be disappointed if I wasn't challenged. The scenery was wonderful. Nice variety, between the woodlands of the first day, the carriage roads, the park loop, the seaside roads, beaches, and the Penobscot Valley. I also loved the group, enjoyed everyone's company.??

- Adventure Cycling member L.W. Concord, MA

REASON 6: Exclusive Member Discounts!

Additional Savings for Members

Check out these discounts provided by some of our Corporate Members:

  • 12% off Adventure Hydration Products
  • 30% off SANS Meal Bars
  • 10% off Organic Instant Coffee from Black Coffee Roasting Company
  • 25% off Mountain Meadow CBD
  • $150 off purchase of two KBO eBikes plus an additional $50 off
  • 25% off XX2i Sunglasses in Cyclosource
  • 20% off Rolf Prima wheels, Astral wheels, and Astral rims
  • 25% discount on Burley Trailers
  • 5% off Bike Friday bikes 
  • 25% off Nectar Bath Treats
  • 10% off at Restrap
  • $100 off purchase of any Himiway eBike
  • 5% discount on Bike & Barge and Bike Tours in Europe + Beyond with Tripsite
  • 7% discount on trips with Art of Bicycle Trips
  • 10% discount on your Motel 6 stays
  • 20% discount on all cycling apparel at
  • 15% discount on all Club Ride Apparel gear
  • 5% discount on any tour
  • 10% discount on bike boxes and cases from
  • Best rates and cash back on hotels through Gopher, plus an additional 20% cash back is donated to Adventure Cycling
  • 25% off your next stay at Lava Flow Hostel
  • 10% off your next stay at Whimcycle Trail Resort


“Keep up the good work! I am looking forward to taking a bike trip someday, and Adventure Cycling is the source that keeps that dream alive.” –Adventure Cycling member

REASON 7: Forty Years of Experience & 50,000 Cyclists Strong!

We are the Bicycle Travel Experts

From humble beginnings to a powerhouse cycling group: 

Adventure Cycling Association was born of an idea while four intrepid cyclists were riding bicycles from Alaska to Argentina in the early 70s. We launched in 1976 with an event named Bikecentennial, during which more than 4000 cyclists rode across the country on the TransAmerica Trail to celebrate the U.S. bicentennial. Adventure Cycling has grown from four to 50,000+ members over the past 40 years and today provides the best resources and most amazing inspiration to cyclists all over the world. 


“After retiring last year, I had the time to fulfill a longtime dream of doing a coast-to-coast ride. I chose the Southern Tier route and found it to be a life-changing adventure. I met so many great people along the route, and I can honestly say that it has impacted me in a very positive way in many aspects of my life. Once you get a taste of the exhilaration that comes with the successful completion of such a challenge, you have a real drive to see what more is out there to accomplish. So many of the riders that I met ‘on the road’ were leading amazing lives filled with travel and adventure.

“I am proud to support Adventure Cycling and all of the good work that you do making bike travel a part of so many people’s lives. With your maps, you have done the hard part. All we need to do is pedal!”
 - Adventure Cycling member M.M. Sioux Falls, SD

REASON 8: Chance to win an Adventure Bike

Win a Co-Motion Americano Touring Bike!

Special thanks to Co-Motion for donating this amazing bicycle! 

REASON 9: Membership is Tax Deductible!

You can get great resources, help support cycling, and take a tax deduction!

Put your membership savings towards your next adventure: 

Adventure Cycling Association is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. Each payment of individual or family membership dues, over $50 per year, is tax-deductible. For individual and joint life membership, the whole amount minus $500 is tax-deductible in the year it was paid. All donations are tax-deductible.


“We strongly believe Adventure Cycling fills a critical hole in bicycle advocacy, improving opportunities for safe and pleasurable long distance travel by bicycle and encouraging people to engage in it. No other organization addresses that niche in the way that Adventure Cycling does. Thanks for all the work you and the organization do.”
 - Adventure Cycling member Los Altos, CA

REASON 10: Inspire and Empower People to Travel By Bicycle!

Inspire, Empower & Connect People to Travel By Bicycle

Inspire yourself every day!

There are so many reasons to join Adventure Cycling. Why wait? Sign-up today and give us a try. Your support will help with our non-profit mission to Inspire, empower  & connect people to travel by bicycle, plus we’ll do our best to inspire you. Do it today.


“I am a new member and just got my first magazine. I HAD to contact you to tell you I am super impressed. FINALLY a bike magazine that has pertinent information for us everyday cyclists. Every other cycling magazine I've purchased is for those that take cycling way too seriously and thus it just sucks the fun out of the sport. Adventure Cyclist Magazine is just perfect. The articles were interesting and nothing was so technical that I had to google the words! Can wait for the next 8 issues! Keep up the great work.”
 - Adventure Cycling member M.K. Mayerthorpe, Alberta

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