Thank you for building the U.S. Bicycle Route System!

An easy way to help spread the word and build support for the U.S. Bicycle Route System is by creating a Facebook Fundraiser. You can do this any time during the year (for your birthday, for example) or during May's National Bike Month, when we hold an annual fundraiser to build the U.S. Bicycle Route System.

Below are a few tips to help you set up your fundraiser on Facebook. You can also visit for more info. 

  1. Create the Fundraiser -- Go to the U.S Bicycle Route System's Facebook page and select the '+ Create Fundraiser' button

    Facebook Fundraiser

  2. Set your goal and deadline --

    Fundraiser goal: We suggest a goal of $300 (though feel free to set your goal higher!) with an end date of May 31, 2019.
    Title of Fundraiser: Your name for the U.S. Bicycle Route System.
    Why are you raising money? You can write about why the U.S. Bicycle Route matters to you or you can cut and paste the following script:

    Will you help expand the U.S. Bicycle Route System? Right now, 26 states have at least one official route. Your donation will help get a U.S. Bicycle Route in every state and create a network of over 50,000 miles. Plus, you’ll have a chance to win a Co-op Cycles ADV 3.1 adventure touring bike and you can receive an Adventure Cycling membership for free, if you are not a current member. To be entered in the drawing to win the bike or to receive the free membership, once you make your donation you will need to click the box that say, “Check this box to sign up for the email list for the U.S. Bicycle Route System.”
  3. Pick a picture -- can be customized by the fundraiser.

    Custom fundraiser image

    That's it! Share and promote the post!  Thank you for helping to build 50,000 miles of official bicycle routes! Questions: contact Michelle Gray at