iOS Devices

This page provides a quick guide of all steps recommended to test our products on iOS devices: iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

These steps are by no means required. You may peruse the other pages on this site and transfer the files as you see fit to your device. However, they present one good way that we believe should work.

We welcome your feedback about alternate & better ways to improve on loading the data to the unit.

No Cables Required

None of the steps below require a connection to a computer. You can perform all of them wirelessly while on the move.


In this page, we base our detailed instructions on the following:

  1. Date: created on 26 April 2015.
  2. Route: Route 66.
  3. Device: iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 8.3.
  4. Device memory: check that you have at least 500MB of free memory on your device.
    1. Open Settings
    2. Open General
    3. Open About
    4. Look for Available memory
  5. Apps: We used the following two. You may consider alternates to them. Only make sure that the alternate apps you install can perform the stated functions.

    1. GoodReader 4: opens compressed ZIP files and stores them for offline use. Version used in this example is 4.11.0.
    2. EasyTrails GPS: displays tracks and service points. Version used in this example is 9.0 (build 160).

Load Tracks

  1. Install Easy Trails (or your chosen app) before downloading the data.
  2. Download route for your trip. Use the Safari browser. Chrome and others may not work correctly.
  3. If you get a barrier page when you try to download the data, make sure you are signed into your My Adventure Cycling account.
  4. The file you download is compressed ZIP. Choose to open it with GoodReader app.
  5. Select Unzip.

  6. This will create a new folder with all the data files. In our example, it is R66_20150426.

  7. Select to view the new folder.

  8. Depending on the package your purchased, it will contain the GPX data in a number of GPX files that have ".gpx" extension. These may be in multiple folders when you purchase all sections for an entire route.
  9. Read and agree to the GPX Data Agreement file included.

  10. View the resources file for links to:

  11. Select folder for section 3.

  12. Select track for the main route traveling west.

  13. Select to Open in other app…
  14. Select EasyTrails app.

  15. You should receive a message to confirm successful import.

  16. Select the paw symbol at the bottom of the screen to view list of available tracks.

  17. Select the track you want to travel. This will display more details about the track, including its distance. Compare this distance with that on paper maps. When not identical, it should be very close.

  18. Choose the options menu from the top right corner of the screen, using the symbol of arrowing coming out of a box. A new menu appears at bottom of screen.
  19. Choose Show on map.
  20. Display shifts to show track on map using orange line. A blue dot indicates your location compared to the track.

  21. Browse the map, zoom in and out, and start navigating.

Load Service Points

  1. Open GoodReader app to view the GPX data.

  2. Select the file for service points.

  3. Select to Open in other app…
  4. Select EasyTrails app.

  5. You should receive a message to confirm successful import.

  6. Browse the map, zoom in and out, and start navigating.

  7. Purple pins indicate a group of services. Select one to view more information about them.

  8. Select the i in a circle to view details.

  9. Select one of the services to get more information about it.

  10. Select the phone number link to dial it directly.

  11. Select the web page link to view it.

  12. Red pins are for single services.

  13. Select the i in a circle to view details.

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