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San Diego, CA - St. Augustine, FL (3,078.4 miles)
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Adventure Cycling Association
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Our southern trans-continental route will take you from San Diego, California, to St. Augustine, Florida. Explore the Southwest, the Texas Hill Country, the deep south and the Gulf Coast.

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Just proofed


Reviewed By: The Whitakers on 7/27/16

Well, we just finished a ST...during the wrong season so heat was our companion and thirst was our 'friend'. Take it from me, you do not want to be in NM, AZ or CA in late May and/or June...just don't do it. Even in the right season, this tour is not for the beginner, even though it is the shortest EW route. Why? there aren't as many bicycle accommodations as on other routes and also the SW region seems to specialize in folks with a "You get on with yours and I'll get on with mine" attitude that just seems to result in not much interaction and NO offers of assistance....we only met with two and one of them was traveling out of state from Oregon! I might not notice it so much if we were traveling... through the summer...on bicycles. this trip for your second or third. Now...the maps. The map set worked out fine, though we relied heavily on the errata as some resources no longer exist. We don't use a bag or other protection for the maps on the bike so there was a tiny bit of wear in one fold area but not enough to interfere with navigation. If I were to do this trip again, I would definitely take this set...but be open to plotting your own course especially through Texas since some parts of the Texas section just don't make sense given current road conditions.

Excellent Product


Reviewed By: Beth Ann Hinnant on 5/27/15

Love the quality of the paper. We were constantly folding and unfolding the maps and they withstood our abuse. At one point, we wondered why ACA routed us so far north of Baton Rouge, so we took the direct route to the city. Ahhhh, 3 flat tires later and a very scary high traffic, no shoulder bridge crossing and we were able to see the error of our ways. ACA takes a lot of time to scope out the very best and safest roads for the cyclists. We are believers in these maps!

Very Helpful


Reviewed By: Jeff & Ruth on 5/25/12

The designated route is much longer and more hilly than necessary, but more scenic. If you ignore these maps and find the shortest routes you will travel faster but there will be more traffic. The info about towns was very helpful, especially combined with details from a smart phone (which saved us a lot of time and money.) We relied on these maps and were seldom disappointed, although be prepared, since hotels, restaurants, and campgrounds are constantly coming and going. The map's bike shop info came in handy, also.

Southern Tier Maps


Reviewed By: Tim Willison on 5/3/12

The maps are good, but expensive for fold up paper maps. The information is accurate and clear. I would not pay that much again for this product. I expected a book style map for the $100.00 I spent.

Coast to Coast ElliptiGO trip


Reviewed By: Rick Hermelin on 11/9/11

I will use mostly the ACA maps on my coast to coast trip next spring. The quality of the maps is very good and the amount of information available should make the trip easier. I should have more to say next year after the trip.

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