Sierra Cascades Section 5

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Lake Isabella, CA - Tecate, CA (485.6 miles)
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November 2020

Lakes, mountains, deserts and valleys, this section has them all! Highlights include the Mohave Desert, San Gabriel Mountains, San Gorgonio Mountains and the rustic small town of Idyllwild against the background of the San Jacinto Mountains. There are also plenty of scenic byways along the way beginning with the Angeles Crest, then the Rim of the World and finally the Sunrise Scenic Byway. The route ends at Tecate at the Mexican border. This section intersects with the Southern Tier Bicycle Route in Pine Valley, California.

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Love using ACA maps


Reviewed By: Su livingston on 3/25/17

I have biked the Pacific Coast twice, N. Tier, S Tier, Divide routes using these maps- they always provide the essential trip info.

It was great for the part we used


Reviewed By: A customer from Raleigh, North Carolina, USA on 5/3/12

We caught the route from San Diego and went North to Big Bear and then our plan was to keep going North a bit on the route and then cut West to LA and pickup the Pacific Coast route but we ran out of time by the time we were in Big Bear (Only had a week total and overestimated our average speed in the mountains big time). We ended up taking a rented SUV back to San Diego. It was a blast though. I have some of the pictures on my website here:

Sierra cascades route 5


Reviewed By: A customer from Lethbridge,Alberta on 12/6/10

Excellent Profiles very useful Town size very useful In fact all information provided was very useful

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