Pacific Coast Route Section 5

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Santa Barbara, CA - Imperial Beach, CA (250.5 miles)
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January 2021

Because the considerable traffic in southern California tends to be even heavier in summer and on the weekends, we recommend that you ride this route in the spring or autumn. May and September - October are the best months for riding. Note that during summer, strong winds prevail from north to south. The routing consists of a combination of riding on city and residential streets, bike paths, highways, and 7.7 miles on the I-5 shoulder. Bicyclists are legally allowed to ride on this portion of the interstate. Prepare for urban riding conditions. In the metropolitan areas, you will also encounter pedestrians, skateboarders, roller bladers, and other self-propelled vehicles on the bike paths. Slow down and ride with caution. Throughout the section, the route stays close to sea level. The route ends at the Border Field State Park south of Imperial Beach, where the U.S.A and Mexico share the border at the Pacific Ocean.

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Beware Camp Pendleton


Reviewed By: mark swedlund on 11/5/16

First I want to say I have now done the entire Pacific Coast using these maps and they were great. In fact, I intentionally deviated from the maps 3 times, (twice in Oregon and once in SoCal and each time I paid the price of too much traffic, ugly climbs, etc. As a friend said, these maps contain the tribal knowledge, THERE IS ONE THING ANYONE DoING MAP 5 needs to know. Passing through Camp Pendleton, south of San Clemente now requires you to sign up online for a security clearance 7 days in advance. And when you get there you must show valid ID. In my case, I'd have not gotten through anyway as they were doing military exercises for several days and no-one was allowed through. This was not a disaster for me, because I had a SAG driver, but for the self-supported guy I met, stuck 100 miles from the end on the entire Coast, it was a real hurdle. The only options are to return to SanClemente and take a bus or train to bypass or to bike down I-5 which is a nasty alternative.

Santa Barbara to San Diego


Reviewed By: Mike Beringhaus on 10/15/15

The map worked great. I cut the map along each page section, used sticky clear sheets to laminate both sides of each page. Punched a hole in the end of each sheet and connected them all together with a key ring loop. The pages fit in the pocket of my jersey for ready reference as I rode along. Only draw back was, some municipalities don't identify there streets very well and I missed a few turns along the way, but got back on track by showing the map to a local resident, all of which were happy to help. .

Section 5


Reviewed By: A customer from Right now, LA. on 3/5/12

I just finished touring the California coast and used we sections 3, 4, and 5. I had to wait for 5 it was on backorder. 5 was just as good as the others as far as route and info, but it was printed on noticeably lower quality paper and prefolded with little care. It made using it a pain. Difficult to fold and not loose info. Difficult to slip in the handlebar map case. Methinks a cheaper printer was contracted for poor section 5.

Pacific Coast Route, Sections 4 and 5


Reviewed By: Sasha Kwapinski on 2/28/12

Rode the route both ways from Monterey Bay to San Diego and back in 2008, and then down again on a ride across the country in Spring of 2010. The maps were indispensable, and helpful in showing where it is legal to ride the freeways and where not to. In urban areas that I am not familiar with, I have found that it is helpful to get a regular (AAA-type) map to show the whole area in perspective.

Haven't used it yet, but looks great


Reviewed By: Alissa Barnard on 8/8/11

My sister and I are planning to cycle this section of the pacific coast this winter, and the map seems to have all of the information we were looking for. Won't really know how good it is until we ride the route, and I do wish it had topography information, but we will try to research that on google instead. Overall, very compact and weatherproof - looking forward to using it!

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